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Privacy & Cookie Policy

Web Site Privacy Policy
MAC Research Ltd will do its utmost to protect the privacy of its website visitors. The website processing practices of MAC Research are explained in this policy.


Collecting Information
MAC Research will only use information that is relevant to a particular service we offer. For example, registering a name and email address for contact purposes. Other forms may require more information so that we can provide a greater level of service for your request.


Using Information
Information collected shall only be done so with reasonable purpose, and used in a way that does not invade your privacy. Personal data may be collected for various reasons including for contact purposes, but also to satisfy our own regulatory responsibilities and statutory obligations. We may contact you in relation to providing information to you about new services or requesting feedback.


Your Rights
Should you request at any point to not allow your data to be shared in this way then your service from us will not be affected. By agreeing to share your data you have not forfeited any of your rights as detailed under the General Data Protection Regulation. MAC Research will ensure the same standard of care to safeguard the use of your information and privacy throughout all our services.

Data Privacy Statement

The data you share in online forms within this website will be sent to the MAC Feasibility and Proposals team who are responsible for responding to your request. The data will be stored according to the General Data Protection Regulation, which is designed to protect your privacy. If you do not wish to have the data you share on this form stored, you can request for it to be deleted at any time by contacting MAC Clinical Research.

MAC Research use cookies to ensure we give you the best possible experience on this website. Cookies are small pieces of information sent to your computer or browsing device when you use a website. These files are not computer programs and cannot be used to cause damage to your computer. By accessing this website you agree that we can use cookies on your device. You can disable cookies completely by changing your browser settings, however this may affect your user experience.

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